Is Technology Compromising Traditions in the Wine Industry?

Wine is not a product, but rather an entity that represents culture, art and the many distinct palates that exist in the world. Along with oxygen, wine breathes on conversation and appreciation. It celebrates various traditions and brings people together. Because interaction is what makes wine come alive, why would a winery want to focus on automating their business with tasting room kiosks and online e-commerce?

Use Nouns and Verbs When Writing for Facebook

A month ago or so I decided to raid my parents library and took home a couple of  dusty, weathered books written awhile back by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White titled The Elements of Style and The Elements of Grammar.   Although we have surpassed the cutting-edge technology of the primitive word processor recommended by the authors, many of the writing rules remain true today.

New Mobile APP is Changing How Students Fundraise

AMCM launched their new mobile application, AMCM Presentation.  This provides students with the necessary tools on their phones to successfully present and complete the sale of AMCM’s roadside assistance and travel discount programs. These tools include a sales presentation and video, plus a communication feature allowing chapter Advisors to connect with their members. Other features of the app include the fundraising FAQs, a gas price finder, weather, roadside assistance demo, and support.

4 Tips to Build Loyalty Through Mobile Apps" as featured in The CCA Voice

Lamore Marketing's client, Victory Info Services, was featured in this issue of The CCA Voice with 4 Tips to Build Loyalty Through Mobile Apps, written by Mark Burns, VP of Business Development and General Manger of Victory.

4 Tips to Build Loyalty Through Mobile Apps

Wireless carriers spend billions of dollars each year on marketing campaigns to obtain new subscribers, yet only a fraction of that is spent on strategies to retain them.

5 Dangers for Kids Using Tablets: Safe practices for you and your children

5 Dangers for Kids Using Tablets: Safe practices for you and your children

Tablets are becoming a staple in many homes with children. They can be very valuable as learning tools to help develop various motor, cognitive, and language skills. A study conducted by PBS involving children 3 to 7, found that educational apps can improve a child’s vocabulary by as much as 31% in two weeks. Tablets can also come to the rescue during long car rides or lengthy trips at the grocery store. However, like almost everything else, there are some disadvantages and dangers that go along with the perks. Here is a list of the most common dangers along with solutions to make tablets safer for your children.