360 Locator App Offers More Revenue Opportunities for Carriers

Las Vegas, NV (September 06, 2014) – Victory Info Services just released a new version of their app, 360 Locator, which was designed for regional wireless carriers seeking to strengthen their relationships with subscribers by offering personalized services specific to their markets. The newest version of the app added 3rd Party services, some of which include iSelect MD, FTD, KGB Deals, Angie’s List, Dish, and Expedia, to the list of the dozens of features on the 360 Locator App.

These 3rd Party services generate additional sources of revenue to the carrier, benefiting subscribers with special offerings and discounts accessed only through the white labeled app. Revenue from 3rd party services is generated from three sources: Ad/Coupon placement, retail space on the app generating a flat monthly rate, and commissions based on the overall sales from subscribers participating in the program.

“The 360 App was designed to be completely customizable with dozens of features appealing to a wide range of demographics,” said Mark Burns, Vice President of Business Development and General Manager of Victory Info Services. “These new services give carrier subscribers a variety of unique features and discounts relevant to their interests that are not offered by any other carrier in their area.”

Some of the other main features of the app include: the Communications Platform, which allows wireless carriers to communicate with their subscribers through the app, local and national content feeds; live team of Personal Assistants; Roadside assistance; and Social Media Feeds, a marketing tool for expanding the carrier’s Social Media reach. Features can be added, modified or deleted according to the needs of the carrier.

“Regional Carriers have been looking for ways to build loyalty with their subscribers,” commented Bradley Blanken, Vice President of Industry Development at Competitive Carriers Association (CCA). “Innovative solutions like Victory’s 360 Locator App give carrier subscribers a variety of unique features, while improved customer communications through the app can build customer loyalty and reduce churn for the carrier.”

For more information on Victory Info Services and 360 Locator, visit www.victoryinfoservices.com or email m.burns@victoryinfoservices.com to test the app. 

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